Signs it might be time to leave your job

Deciding to quit your job can be a difficult decision. There are lots of reasons why it might be a good idea or even time to quit your job. It really is a personal decision to make most of the time but here are some reasons I think show it might be time to call it quits.

Lack of challenges

If you find yourself bored in your role and watching the time slowly drag on it might be time to find something a bit more challenging. You should have a think about why your current role isn’t meeting a level of challenge that makes the time pass by. Is the role repetitive? Is it too ‘easy’? You could always ask if there are any internal roles available at your current company but otherwise it might be time to find something that you find a bit more satisfying if you do enjoy a challenge.

Limited progression opportunities

You might be happy in your current role but do you see yourself in the same role in a couple of years time? If not, are there are opportunities to move up or into different roles within the business? I think that once you have gained some valuable experience from your job if you aren’t continuing to learn it might be time to move onto something new. This is particularly important when you’re fresh out of university and trying to build up your CV.

Stress that does not outweigh the benefits

It does depend on you as a person but for me personally, too much stress is not worth it especially in an entry level job that doesn’t have good benefits in other areas. I am young and do not want to come home stressed from work and think about work constantly fearing how stressful it will be when I next go into the office. Life is too short to work a stressful job  that makes you ill.

That said there can be some times that the stress is worth it as long as that balance is there.

Not happy

You know yourself if you’re not truly happy in your role. It’s not always a good idea to quit a job just because you don’t like it but if you get a new job lined up that would make you happier it’s probably time to quit.

What are some of the reasons you have quit your job?

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