What to think about when handing in your notice

I recently handed in my notice at my job. This article is from the perspective of handing in your notice with a new job lined up. However, most of the content will also be relevant if you’re handing in your notice for another reason.

*disclaimer- all my own opinions here, there’s no perfect way to navigate handing in your notice and if you have any queries about contracts it is best to contact a specialist*

Do you have confirmation of the job offer?

This has been the first time that I have had to hand in my notice with another job lined up to start once I finish working my notice period. I decided to wait until I had signed my formal offer letter before handing in my notice. However, it can sometimes be a difficult time to navigate when you need to confirm a start date with your new job. It took a lot of will power not to tell my colleagues at work that I had another job potentially lined up but it can be risky to accept a job and find out when you get the formal offer letter that it isn’t exactly as you thought.

Before you hand in your notice – read you contract!

There are some important parts of your contract that you might want to consider before handing in your notice. How long is your notice period? Maybe your notice period is 2 weeks and the start date for your new job is in 4 weeks time so you might want to hold off handing in your notice straight away. Also remember that some jobs might view leaving before you have worked your notice period as a breach of your employment contract.  

Another part of the contract that you might want to consider is if you are even able to work in the office during your notice period. Some jobs, such as sales, will request that you do not go into the office or talk to any current employees of the company once you hand in your notice.

I read my contract to avoid any nasty surprises!

The content of your written notice

In my notice letter I made sure to include the following:

  • date of the letter
  • date I intended to leave
  • my full name and job title
  • a thank you for my time on the team

If you’re unsure on what to include in your letter that’s lots of templates online such as the templates here. 

Don’t burn any bridges

This is so so so important. Even if you really hate your current job don’t burn any bridges especially if you’ll continue to work in the same industry. We all know how important reputation can be in certain areas. You also never know when you might need the assistance of a former employer in the future.

When handing in your notice be professional. The same applies for working your notice period. You might have a new job lined up but you need to continue with the role you are currently getting paid for in the same way as usual.

Handing in your notice can be quite daunting if it’s your first time in an office setting but it will be fine. Good luck!

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