The best things about life as a graduate

Student life was a lot of fun and if I’m honest I do miss it. However, life as a graduate isn’t too bad so I need to start appreciating my life as it is now. I have been out of university for just under a year now and here are the three main things that I enjoy about being a working graduate:

Free Time

The biggest difference for me between graduate life and student life is the amount of free time that I have. In my office job I do have to be at work between 9-5 in the week. However, any time outside of these hours is usually all mine. Throughout university I would feel a bit guilty reading a book for fun when I could read a course book. Now I can read a book in a week guilt free. Yes, you might not have the super long summer breaks but your time is more your time as a graduate. You even have time to develop some hobbies.


If you’ve got a job straight out of university it is likely that you do have more money now. Money is not the route to happiness but it can help you live a more comfortable lifestyle. I live in accommodation now without mold which is amazing. I can go for cocktails with my friends without spending my entire weeks budget. I can save up for things like travelling or a masters.  For me, having a bit more money to play with has made a huge difference on my life.


When I left university a scary part was that I could now do whatever I wanted (within reason!). I felt like my life had been quite structured, do my GCSEs, do my A Levels, go to university. Once the university part is finished what then? There are so many options do you go travelling, do you get a graduate job, do you start your own business? As a graduate you are not tied down to one city or your course you have a lot more freedom to do what you want.

Student life was great but graduate life also has perks.

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