Accepting a job that you’re ‘overqualified’ for?

It’s common to have to take a job straight out of university that you probably feel a bit overqualified for. Usually, it’s a necessity to accept any job that is willing to take you on. Here’s why taking an entry-level job that might not even require a degree is a good idea:

Build up experience

If you are at a point that you have to take a job that you feel overqualified for it might be because you lack some of the experience to get a different job. If you get an entry-level office based job and want to work in an office setting later on you’re building up the experience you need to get the job that you really want. Experience is everything now so don’t throw away opportunities to gain something valuable to put on your CV.

Build up basic skills

It’s not just the general experience that is useful. There are so many basic skills that you can learn from working in any job – from working as a waitress to a job as an administrator. You learn to be punctual. You learn the importance of good attendance. You learn to interact with others in a professional setting.

Decide what you enjoy

Use this time in a role that you may not think is most suited to you to decide what you do enjoy. You might think that you enjoy working with customers but a stint in a call centre might make you question this. You might like to idea of working in an office 9-5 until you actually do. In my experience it is so useful to get out there and experience jobs to make a decision on what you enjoy rather than what you just enjoy the idea of.

Save up

Think of your long term goals. There are lots of things that you might want to save up for and working in any job can help you achieve your long term goals. Have a read of my article here if you want some advice on saving -up to reach those goals.

Who knows, you might end up really enjoying the job you thought you were overqualified for!

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