Graduate workplace etiquette

Starting your first office job after uni can be daunting. Here are some basic tips to get you through your first few months in the full time workplace:

Be on time and be there

It is important that you remember that working in a full time job is different to university. At university it didn’t matter so much if you missed a couple of lectures or turned up 10 minutes late. In a job, it matters. Too many sick days or lateness is likely to result in a disciplinary meeting. Especially in your first few months I think it’s a good idea to make a good first impression and show that you can be on punctual and be present.

I also think that in terms of ‘being there’ it is important to show that you care about the job and the work that you’re doing no matter how disinterested you really are. You never know what you might learn or when you need a shining reference.

Create a line between the professional and personal you

Free drinks at work? Try not to have one too many and be the subject of the office gossip for the week. You really don’t want to tarnish your reputation as soon as you start a new job. It’ll be no big deal really but you probably don’t need the added stress.

Also, remember that not all of your colleagues will be your friends. Want to send an email about how much you dislike your work/your boss? Think carefully about the possible consequences!

Learn to take criticism

In your first ever ‘real world’ job you’re unlikely to be perfect but just remember you’re there to learn. Jobs are full of opportunities for feedback from your probation period meeting to annual reviews. Learn to take criticism and develop yourself. By ignoring feedback you’re only ruining your own chances of improving and getting the best job for you.

Your first job out of uni can be tough but it helps you to decide what you truly enjoy!

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