The trials and tribulations of finding the ‘perfect’ houseshare

Okay, first things first i’m not sure if the ‘perfect’ houseshare exists. However, after graduation if you’re moving to a completely new city here are some tips on how to find good housemates and a bearable houseshare.

Where do I find a houseshare?

There are a number of ways to find a housemate when moving to a completely new city. It can be daunting to go and live with a stranger as a young professional but it doesn’t have to be.

Specialist sites: A great place to start is online. Websites like spareroom take away a lot of the hard work of finding a housemate. They even let you use advanced search functions to narrow down the type of housemate you want using factors such as age and occupation. I would highly recommend such websites when you move to a new city and you know nobody at all.

Friends of friends: Moving to London? The likelihood is that you will have a friend of a friend at least there who might be looking for someone to live with that a friend approves of or knows someone that is. The best thing about this is it takes away the scary aspect of meeting up with someone from a website who you don’t really know and who you could completely clash with.  

Agencies:  Another way to find a housemate/houseshare is the old fashioned way of contacting a high street agency. Agencies often know of available properties with rooms to rent and can usually take you around to view the properties to help you make your decision.

Some things to look out for:

Personality: It is hard to work out if you get on with someone in the initial 5 minutes that you usually meet them for a house viewing but it is soooo important to make sure that you don’t live with someone that has a complete personality clash with yourself. You need to be flexible but if your housemate enjoys going out and playing music until 5am and you’re more of a 10pm kind of person there might be some arguments or at least passive aggressive messages.

Budget: If you’re used to living in halls or accommodation with bills included be careful when looking at potential houseshares that don’t have bills included. Bills can soon add up and there’s now things like council tax that can’t get away with not paying as a working person.

It can be frustrating to find the ideal houseshare and housemate or housemates but keep going and it will be worth it in the end!


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