The art of job hopping

Job hopping is often described as a millennial habit. Gone are the days of staying at the same company from graduation to retirement. It is normal to ‘job hop’ and experience lots of different roles in lots of different environments throughout your life.

Here’s why I think job hopping is so great and is definitely not something to be afraid of…

Know your worth

Job hopping is great way to improve the benefits that you might currently have. It is often a lot easier to get a new job with higher salary when you look for a new job whilst already in a position compared to persuading your boss to give you a salary increase. Companies also offer a range of different benefits that you might need to shop around for. Want more flexible hours? Want more paid holiday time? Maybe you need to look and see what else is out there for you.

Develop your skills

Job hopping is a great opportunity to develop skills in a number of different settings. If you stay in the same job for a long time you might get stuck with the same tasks and never learn anything new. Even the whole process of working in a new environment can develop your confidence and other soft skills that are so vital to your career progression as a whole.

Find out what makes you tick

A really great thing about the decreasing stigma surrounding job hopping is that you have a chance to find out what you want to spend 40+ hours a week doing. For instance, you might graduate and think that sales is the perfect role for you. After a few months/a year of developing your skills in this area you might want to try something new and find out the law, IT or even the education sector are better suited to you. If you don’t explore the different options out there how do you know what you could be missing out on?

I don’t want to choose a job at 21 and be expected to stay there for at least 5 years. I want to explore the different options out there and see what works for me.

Any else a job hopper or have any different experiences?

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