Resilience when you just keep getting rejected

Resilience is one of those buzz words that I didn’t really understand for a while. I always saw it on graduate recruitment sites and applications. I sometimes wrote a half-hearted answer in an application about something that didn’t truly reflect what resilience now means to me in day to day life. Resilience is so important and there are so many reasons to be proud of being resilient and to develop this throughout your life.

In this post I want to focus on being resilient when you just can’t seem to catch a break and get your ‘dream’ job:

Get Feedback

After many job interviews you will be offered feedback. It can sometimes feel a bit daunting to listen to all the things you did ‘wrong’ in an interview or how you’re not the best fit for a particular role but it is so worth it.

Feedback is so good – never miss out on the chance to find out how you could improve. Maybe you need to improve your confidence, provide stronger examples or brush up on your enthusiasm for a company. Whatever is letting you down at the interview stage – don’t guess, find out directly. If it is something small that is letting you down like your answers to interview questions you could address this by better preparation. If it is something a bit different like your enthusiasm for the role perhaps you need to think about your motivations…

Do you really want this job or just need a job?

When you are in your final year and it feels like everyone has a graduate scheme or job lined up it is easy to apply and apply to loads of jobs that you don’t even understand let alone really want to do for the foreseeable future. However, I have found that interviews really do see through fake enthusiasm. If you get rejected because of this maybe think about applying for jobs a bit more suited to your desires, or at the very least personality and skillset, so you make it through the interview or even application stage.

Don’t think it’s personal

This is one of the worst things to do.

I’ve been there. Getting so many rejections from law firms I started to think there was something a bit wrong with me. Do I not look professional enough? Was my skirt the wrong colour? Is my voice annoying? Taking rejections personally does nothing but reduce your confidence and make you less likely to show enthusiasm in future applications or interviews.

Remember why you should keep going

Eventually you will get a job. You may have to compromise. You may have to work a stopgap job for a little while. You may have to work in a low paid entry level job.

If you know your dream career that’s great, and I’m a bit jealous, so don’t give up after some set back. Really think about why you’re getting rejections, try to improve your performance at interviews and consider your motivations for applying for a job.

Rejections are really tough but hang in there!

Anyone have any more advice on getting over job rejections?


2 thoughts on “Resilience when you just keep getting rejected

  1. Kind of off topic, but still relevant to the message: I was fired from a good paying job recently.

    The reasons why presented themselves early on, in that their turn-over rate was insanely high. Admittedly, I knew it was a red flag when I decided to apply, but I decided to go through with it anyway. After experiencing their dismal training program it was glaringly obvious why the turn over rate was so high -people were not given the tools and training to succeed. After working there for about three months, I finally was fed up as well with the training and asked for additional training and a formal review to go over specific areas where I could improve, but also where I could offer an opinion on how the training could improve.

    Needless to say, I was terminated as “not being a good fit.”

    Getting fired sucks, but a company such as that who refuses to listen to employees concerns, and refuses to improve themselves despite all the signs that something is wrong, is not worth working for no matter how high the pay is.

    So, in line with the theme of your post, it is important to not take being fired personally either in most cases.

    Resilience in this situation is tantamount to success, because many times when one door closes, another opens.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experiences with being fired – I have also gone through a similar experience after accepting a sales job with a high turnover rate that I knew did not fit with my personality at all.

      I definitely agree with you in that getting fired opens up new doors and is probably, in some ways, easier than quitting a well paying job that isn’t right for you. That said, it is really difficult not to take getting fired personally after you’ve been at a company for a little while and feel like you’ve started to get to know your colleagues.

      I will definitely write a post about getting fired one day as it is something that a lot of people sometimes feel a bit embarrassed to talk about unfortunately.

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