Netflix – ‘Travelers’, worth a weekend binge watch?

The Travelers is a Netflix original series that takes quite a different stance on time travelling and I would definitely recommend it for an easy weekend binge watch.

Without giving too much away (so warning, some spoilers) the time travelers from the future overwrite the consciousness of individuals that they know will die in less than a minute.

There are five travellers in the group that we follow each with their own individual skillset. There is Grant Maclaren who is an FBI agent in the ’21st’ and leads the team. Marcy Warton is the team’s doctor who ends up being put into the host body of someone who was mentally impaired. Phillip Pearson is the historian of the group who was put into the body of a heroin addict.Carly Shannon deals with the weapons and has a child to look after in the ’21st’ and a, in my opinion, possessive and violent ex to deal with. ¬†Finally, there is Trevor Holden who acts as the engineer whilst struggling to overcome the problems that his host, who was a seemingly bad behaved high school student, caused.

The travelers are in the ’21st’ to complete missions that the ‘Director’ gives them. We are told that in the future the situation is not good and that’s why the travelers have been sent back – to give humanity a better future. However, I think what makes it really interesting is the protocols that the travelers must abide by. This is what makes the travelers blend is so well and, I think, ensures that the show avoids total chaos. For instance, the travelers must maintain the host’s life unless told otherwise. This causes trouble for a lot of the travelers. For instance, Carly Shannon has trouble looking after her child whilst trying to stop her violent ex taking custody.

Ultimately, I think that the Travelers is a good show for binge watching. We never see the future on the show and there is much more of a focus on the travelers in their host bodies rather than anything else. You easily get hooked on finding out what will happen in the next episode and how the hosts get used to their lives in the ’21st’.

If you want a show that talks a lot of futuristic technologies and makes perfect sense with no plot holes (there are a few – but nothing major!) don’t watch this. If you want an interesting concept and easy watching give The Travelers a go.

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