Netflix – the questions I have after watching The OA


Well, what is grad life without a bit of Netflix?

I have been trying to save up some money so that I am not completely poor over the Christmas season so decided to have a Netflix weekend. I got hooked and binged watch the new Netflix original – The OA.

The OA is a difficult series to describe without spoilers so here’s your spoiler warning. The show is set in the US and begins quite dramatically. In the first episode a blind girl, who now has her sight, is reunited with her parents after being missing for seven years. Prairie, or The OA as she likes to be called, tells her story of what has happened to over the last seven years to a group of five ‘misfits’ each night for one hour in an abandoned house. Her story has so many different twists and turns but I found that I was hooked and had to keep finding out more about her story.

I found the final episode intense. Over the course of the series I got attached to the ‘misfits’ and the the connection that they developed with each other. However, I have to admit that I did feel a bit disappointed in that there are so many questions that weren’t answered.

Here’s some of the questions (and major spoilers!!) that I still have and am curious to hear others thoughts on:

Was any of the story real? 

Okay, so after the books were found under Prairie’s bed there were doubts if any of Prairie’s story happened. Was she really part of the experiment? Did Homer actually exist? If it was real, why were those books under her bed?

If her story wasn’t real, what happened? 

Where was she for seven years and why did she come up with the story she did? It appears that her premonitions are real though, so surely she must have really had a NDE?

Why was the FBI therapist in her home? 

Why was he in her home at the same time French found the books? Do the FBI know something about the seven years that Prairie was away that we don’t?

Why did French see Homer in the mirror? 

Was this just a hallucination? Is French a version of Homer but in a different universe? Was this relevant in any way?

Is Prairie dead or in another universe? 

So, what actually happened in the final scene? Is the white room that Prairie is in a version heaven or is she infact in an alternate universe? Or did she survive the bullet and is she in hospital?

Why didn’t Prairie just leave Hap when he had his allergic reaction, break through the window and get help for the others? 

Obviously, if the situation was real, she didn’t have time to think through the options. However, when Hap was having his allergic reaction if really wanted to escape I couldn’t help thinking that she could have just left him, smashed through the window, like she when she tried to escape a second time,and got help for the others. This question nagged at me throughout the series. Maybe, it was to show she truly is an Angel?

Anyway, all in all I was a fan of binge watching The OA. There are a lot of unanswered questions but the show had some interesting ideas and I really liked the connection between the characters who had such different lives.

Let me know what you think and if there’s any more burning questions you have about the series.

4 thoughts on “Netflix – the questions I have after watching The OA

  1. The part where Homer appears in the mirror confuses me too. I wonder if it is possible for some connection between French and Homer? I don’t think the timelines add up for him to be his son. Maybe that was Homer trying to interact but French freaks out? There are so many possibilities ugh


    • Yeah, a connection would explain a lot of things but there are soooo many possibilities. There are some basic links between Homer and French like the fact that they’re both athletic. I might be making this up now but maybe there is some relevance of Homer’s son to some part of the show as he’s mentioned quite a bit and at one point OA asks how he even knows it’s a boy and not a girl (I think!).

      The more I think about the show the more questions I have – I really hope there is a season 2 so that there is some kind of explanation of everything. 🙂


  2. So… I am an Uber nerd for these types of shows. I have a lot of theories about the mirror scene and who the 5 are in general.

    In the “Forking Pathways” episode we are introduced to the thought about choices or decisions and their consequences as dimensions. Having 5 is important for the OA to complete whatever her mission is (and I have theories on that) in each dimension. When she died and received her name OA, she was told by her guide she needed 5. When she made it back home and was telling her story, she needed 5. Going back even further on the bus there were 5 and she even says she is the first (because her bus stop was the first). I am thinking about reincarnation and the OA’s first death we learn about. I think there are a lot of similarities between the 5 that were being held captive and the five she assembled once she got back home. Unfortunately we only got a brief snapshot of personality for the bus ‘dimension.’ But they were having an extremely deep conversation about death and reincarnation for a bunch of kids- even though it was in the framework of discussing some show or movie.

    If anyone is interested I’ll be even more anal and share my guesses of who is whom in each ‘dimension’. I think the biggest clue is there is some loss/lesson that each person has in their dimension that they have to fix and it appears as if that same lesson is carried over to the next dimension in a slightly different form. There are very similar themes in the issues that the 5 from HAP dungeon and the 5 she assembled when she got home. Issues of wanting to be loved/ snitching on loved ones/ trying to save siblings, but failing miserably. The thing that was interesting to me was the fact that Nina/ Prairie/OA/ seems to keep choosing her abusers. Even though her father was trying to break her of a fear and possibly save her life (if he believed her dreams were premonitions) his methodology was cruel at best. She chose to return to him. When she was at her Aunt’s brothel/baby mill she chose her new Mom, Nancy she chose someone who ultimately drugged for her own protection like HAP did. Even when she knew she was the OA she chose to go back to the Johnsons and was drugged–again. The FBI agent is very curious to me as well. I think we see the beginning of her choosing her new captor. (Idk)

    Yea, well I’m embarrassed at how much I wrote, but I love this show!!!

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    • I love this super long analysis!! Your thoughts on the show make a lot of sense to me. If there are such close links between the 5 in each dimension that would definitely make sense of the mirror scene with a link between Homer and French. I would really like to know a bit more on who you think is whom in in each dimension if you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts?

      There are still quite a few unanswered questions but your theory does sound convincing and I guess season 2 would explain why the FBI was in her home and perhaps why the books were planted if her story was actually real?

      It’s been a couple of weeks since I watched The OA and I am already tempted to re-watch some of the episodes now haha.


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