What kind of hobbies should you pick up?


After graduating a big question I had was, how will I fill all this extra time?

If you’re anything like me uni was a full-time gig. I had a part-time job whilst I was at university but all other hours of my day were spent doing my uni work or thinking about all the uni work I had to do. Now that I am living the 9-5 life I find that my weekends and evening are truly ‘free’ time.

Here’s some ideas of how you can fill that spare time other than the obvious Netflixin’…


For me, cooking is a lot easier now that I’m not cramped into a dirty student kitchen and have a bit more of a budget to spend on food. Cooking is a great skill to develop and is something that anyone can pick up starting with a simple cook book. I find cooking is a great hobby to have. Cooking can really relax you after a hard days work as it lets you focus on creating something with a (hopefully) positive outcome!

Baking is another hobby that I think comes under the same heading as cooking. I did not have the time or money to get around to learning how to bake at university. I now spend time trying to perfect the basics of making cakes. It is my aim to one day be able to bake someone a cake for their birthday on par with something I could have brought from the shop.


There are a lot of hobbies that can come under the heading of ‘fitness’. For me, I like to spend my time going to the gym regularly. It’s a love/hate relationship but there are so many benefits. It gets you out of the house, helps you feel amazing and can even help you look great too.

If you find the gym a bit boring why not try running outdoors, team sports, or even a pole fitness class. If you feel stressed you will definitely feel better for it. Seriously.


This one is on my list but I haven’t actually managed to join a class myself yet. Yoga and meditation are meant to be great for stress and yoga is also good for your general fitness. You can join yoga classes in your local area and there are plenty of beginners classes around. Alternatively, YouTube yoga/meditation for beginners and you can start from the comfort of your own room.

If anyone who reads this article is actually into yoga it would be great to hear some advice from you!


Blogging is something that I have done since a young teenager. It’s a hobby that has come in and out of my life as I always come back to writing and sharing my thoughts with others. The blogging world is huge and if you have something you want to say about pretty much anything – start a blog.

If you’re unsure on where to start a quick Google of ‘how to start a blog’ is sure to get you on the right tracks.


Travel can definitely become a hobby if you want it to be. Even if you only travel using your annual leave. Travel can develop your interest in new foods, experiences and art. For instance, if you are into art why not travel to galleries in your country and beyond whenever you get the chance. Travel can also help you to learn and develop new skills such as enabling you to practice a different language.

Learn Something New

This is something I love to do all the time. Just because you have finished your formal studies it does not mean that you have finished learning. I want to continue to learn for the rest of my life. There are so many online courses, local classes, and accessible books that there is not much excuse not to learn about new things as much as you can. Some fun things that you could start to learn more about are languages, coding and even artistic skills such as photography.

Hobbies are great to keep you living life to the fullest. Let me know if you have any unusual hobbies that you think are worth a try.

7 thoughts on “What kind of hobbies should you pick up?

  1. It’s funny how despite people thinking students have limitless free time, the reality is often quite the opposite as university work seems to take over, especially around deadlines! I graduated last year and feel as though I have the same/less free time now – partly because I’m working in the education sector, so there’s always planning/marking to do – but when I get some free time I love hiking, baking, travelling and also knitting/sewing (though I haven’t been able to do any of that recently as I’m based in France and couldn’t bring the kitchen sink with me!) Look forward to exploring your blog!


    • Hi Rosie, the perceptions of life as a student can be very wrong sometimes! Your hobbies sound interesting though – hiking is another one of those things that I have always wanted to have a go at but haven’t yet got round to. I look forward to reading about your experiences in France! 🙂

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      • Student life definitely gets a bad rep, unfortunate for those of us who don’t spend all our time out drinking! Hiking’s great fun – I much prefer exercising outdoors to indoors, though at this time of year it’s so cold out!

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