My Job-Hunting Advice

After university I started a job that really wasn’t a good fit and ended up being fired from the job within less than 2 months. I then needed to find a new job as quickly as possible so that I could pay my rent.

I wrote this article to give other grads a few tips to keep in mind when searching for jobs.

Be Flexible

Flexibility when looking for your first graduate job is key!

You need to ask yourself what areas you are flexible on. Would you mind commuting to work in a nearby City or would that be a deal-breaker? Would you be flexible in working in an area that has nothing to do with the subject that you studied? Would you mind earning a bit less than what you expected?

I suppose with this point it is important to consider your own situation. I couldn’t afford to be too picky when looking for a job as I had to pay my rent but maybe if you’re back with the parents you can afford to be a bit pickier in some areas to find a job that is a good fit.

Use a Range of Approaches

Make sure you are doing as much as possible to get access to jobs as they become available. In my experience, scrolling through a job board each day probably isn’t enough.

Here’s a few ideas of what else you could be doing:

  • Sign up to recruitment agencies – they are free and can help place you into a role that isn’t advertised on job boards. You could also do a bit of temporary work whilst looking for your ‘dream’ permanent role.
  • Sign up to job alerts – most job boards allow you to sign up to job alerts. This means that jobs that fit the criteria of what you’re looking for will be forwarded to your email inbox.
  • Put your CV out there – this is what I did and a recruitment agency came to me with a job that was a good fit. Trust me on this one, getting your CV out there can make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Make it clear on your LinkedIn profile that you are looking for opportunities. If you don’t have a LinkedIn I really recommend you sign up. It’s fairly straightforward and will definitely be useful for networking and finding jobs in the long run.

Network, Network, Network

This point kind of goes hand in hand with being proactive. You never really know when and where a job opportunity will come from.

While I was looking for a job I had a couple of job opportunities given to me in an unconventional way. For instance, on a night out I ended up taking the email address of a company manager who had a role going, I didn’t end up emailing my CV over but that could have provided me with a job.

The point is just make sure you’re open about your job search because people in work could know the perfect opportunity for you that might not be clearly advertised.

Try to not get disheartened by the whole process

As most people who have searched for jobs when graduating understand the whole process can be really disheartening. There were so many times I felt like giving up.

You worked hard for 3+ years, got your degree and now can’t even get a job in your local supermarket – I understand!!

If the job search is tiring you out make sure you take time to get out of the house (I find doing some searching in a local coffee shop can help), see friends and take time for yourself. You will find something eventually. 🙂

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